Taxes At Home – At Your Own Risk, Why You NEED A Tax Professional(video)

With tax time here, it is important to give you this information. In the time we live in it is great that you can buy a tax software for $79 that can do most simple returns, however, is it really worth the money? Watch this and decide for yourself:

As you can see the initial savings of doing their own taxes ended up costing this couple a lot more in the long-run!

Liberty Cost- $431
Liberty Refund- $1464
Net– $1033

PROS: Lower cost and higher refund than H&R Block

CONS: Took two preparers to do return. Preparer had too many questions and lacked confidence. According to CPA who double-checked, there were errors made. Liberty has no quality control system to catch errors.

H&R Block Cost- $463
H&R Block Refund- $1446
Net– $983

PROS: Highly trained, good quality according to CPA who checked work.

CONS: High cost, not ALL H&R Block offices are this level of quality.

TurboTax Cost- $79
TurboTax Refund- $229
Net– $150

PROS: Low upfront cost.

CONS: Refund much lower and net much lower than going with a professional. Improper deductions taken can lead to an IRS Audit. Missed deductions led to a lower refund.

Verdict– GO to a Tax Professional to get your taxes done!

Is it worth saving a few dollars for the risk of getting audited? NO!

Is it worth saving a few dollars and getting a lower refund, thus taking money out of your own pocket? NO!

Without knowing the exact situation of the couple in the video we can’t make any guarantees on cost or refund. We CAN make the guarantees that one of our Tax Patriots will give you the professional level of service that the H&R Block preparer gave and we will try our best to match Liberty Tax’s refund while giving you a fair price and making your NET gain as high as possible!

Don’t take our word for it, contact us now for a FREE consultation and decide for yourself if Jefferson Franklin Tax Services is for you!



  1. […] The additional costs in these so-called “free” products add up quickly. For example the retail software products and nationwide tax chains charge extra to do State returns. These are included in your price quote from JFTS. If you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is what most early-season filers depend on to get a large refund, there is an extra cost. Again, this is included in your JFTS quote. Next thing you know “free” return has ballooned into a $400+ bill for just a basic return with a few additional credits claimed, like the couple in this video. […]

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